At Sanpik Inc. our clients are our top priority, and getting the job done quick and precise is our major concern.

Priding ourselves with our high level of competitiveness and the will to go above and beyond to exceed your expectation will blow you away. Take a look at some of our past projects to see how Sanpik Inc. gets things done in ways other contractors can’t.

Sanpik recent projects

TOHO – Lift Station 1B Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation

TOHO Water Authority awarded this project to SanPik Inc. This project consisted of replacing gravity
sewer mains, laterals, and rehabilitate gravity sewer mains and laterals by Cured-In-Place-
Pipe (CIPP) lining, and rehabilitate manholes by sealing and coating, within the LS-1B
Hermosillo basin service area. The value of this project was $3.9 million.

Maitland Lift Station #1 Relocation

SanPik was awarded this project by the City of Maitland. This project consists of approximately 6,000LF of PVC Sewer Pipe in sizes from 8” to 24”. There was also 3,320LF of 14” HDPE Force Main on this job. Complete road, sidewalk restoration was also included. This job included demolition of existing lift station and a new submersible triplex lift station with appertaining site and electrical work. This project was valued at $6 million.

TOHO Sandhill WRF Linework

SanPik was the subcontractor for this project under Wharton Smith who was the general contractor. SanPik was contracted to install all the linework utilities on the TOHO Wastewater Treatment plant. SanPik installed approximately 3,500LF of 16” and 24” DIP. This project was valued at 800k.

Ponce De Leon Septic To Sewer Project

This project consists of construction of approximately 1,200 LF of 8” PVC gravity sewer and sanitary manholes, 1,300 LF of force main as well as a new lift station including wet well, pumps, valves, piping and electrical. Selective demolition, minor stormwater revisions and restoration items are included as well. The project value was $1,039,710.00

DB Lee WRF Gravity Interceptor

SanPik Inc was awarded this project by the City of Melbourne. The project consisted of approximately 2,000’ of 36” Gravity Sewer, 160’ of gravity sewer installed by jack & bore with a 54” steel casing. The installation of 11 manholes ranging from 12ft deep up to 20ft deep and the removal of 800’ of 8” gravity sewer pipe. The entire project required dewatering via well points. There was also sidewalk, road, and landscape restoration as part of this project. This contract value was $1.4 million.

Mt. Dora Master Lift Station #53

This project included the installation of a brand-new lift station for the City of Mt. Dora. The lift station included two 30ft deep wet wells, 85HP pumps, associated mechanical piping, 400kw generator and site work. The offsite work included approximately 16,000 ft of 2” HDPE conduit via directional drill, 1,000 ft of PVC WM and RWM, 500ft of 12” gravity sewer and three jack & bores underneath an active railroad. This contract value was $2.2 million.

SSNOCWTA Aloma Avenue And Dean Road Gravity Main Reconnection

SanPik was awarded this project as part of a continuing contract with South Seminole and North Orange County Wastewater Transmission Authority (SSNOCWTA). This project consisted of the installation of 1,500’ of HDPE ranging from 4” to 16”. We also installed approximately 60ft of 42” PVC FM, 220ft of 36” PVC FM along with 42” and 36” Plug Valves. On this site, we also installed a 42’ knife gate valve in the center of a busy intersection overnight. Concrete, asphalt, and road restoration, maintenance of traffic, dewatering and bypass pumping were also a significant aspect of this project. The contract value was $3.2 million.

Virginia Monroe Stormwater System

Construction of two storm water pump stations with force mains, two storm water ponds and additional conveyance enhancements such as inlets and storm water pipes. Installation of 1,900’ of RCP in various sizes ranging from 12” up to 36”. Construction of water services along with new water mains, road restoration along with concrete curb, sidewalk, and driveways replacements. The contract value was $3.4 million.

MLK Roadway & Pedestrian Improvements

The work generally consisted of the complete reconstruction of MLK Blvd, widening the sidewalks to 8-feet on both sides, curb and gutter, new water main and water services, gravity sewer system and sewer laterals, relocating power poles to backside of sidewalk, landscaping and irrigation, and street lights. The project value was $2.9 Million.

Gravity Wastewater System Improvements

Included gravity sewer utilities repaired and rehabilitated in 9 sub-areas throughout Orange County. Installation consisted of approximately 2,300ft of gravity sewer, replacement of 16 manholes and relocation of 39 sewer laterals. Most of the work required dewatering, bypass pumping and were 14ft to 22ft deep. The project value was $2.9 Million.

Lake Marion

SanPik Incorporated was subcontracted by Garney Construction to complete the installation of all of the yard piping for a treatment plant which included force main, portable water main, drain lines, reclaimed water main, sanitary sewer pipes, manholes, 2ea lift stations and other mechanical piping all ranging in sizes from 2” through 36”. The project value was $4.5 Million.

South Bermuda

For this project, SanPik Incorporated was subcontracted by Wharton Smith Inc. and was responsible for cutting and removing approximately 25′ of damaged 42” ductile iron pipe. The ductile iron pipe was replaced with 42”C905 DR21 PVC. The work also included by-passing the existing sewer as well as dewatering via a well point system. The project value was $70K.

Lake Davis to Lake Greenwood

Awarded the contract by the City of Orlando, SanPik installed approximately 3,000ft of storm drainage ranging from 18″ up to 54″. SanPik also installed a large baffle box, approximately 2,000ft of 8″ sanitary sewer with manholes and a 2″ water main replacement. The project value was $3.25 Million.

Flewelling Avenue Stormwater Treatment System Project

This quick project, which was awarded to SanPik, Inc. by the City of Ocoee consisted of the installation of approximately 500’ of RCP pipe ranging from 15” to 54” diameter and 5 structures. The project value was $343K.

TWA Cypress West WRF

Working for Wharton Smith Inc., SanPik completed the installation of approximately 4,000ft of Force Main, Gravity Sewer, Stormwater Drainage and a 24” Injection Line. Despite the site being heavily congested, SanPik was able to plan efficiently with numerous subcontractors and maintain a tight schedule to complete the scope of work on time. The project value was $435K.

Bluford Ave Phase 2

Working for Oelrich Construction, SanPik installed approximately 13,000ft of force main, water main and reclaim water main PVC and ductile iron pipe ranging from 4” to 24”. The installation also included stormwater RCP pipe, manholes of approximately 1,300ft, sanitary sewer manholes and approximately 1,500ft of PVC piping. Throughout the project SanPik also removed and abandoned all existing utilities and replaced them with the new utilities included in the scope of work. The project value was $2.5 Million.

Cloud Branch Drainage Improvements Phase III

SanPik was awarded the contract by the City of Sanford for drainage improvements covering a large community near downtown Sanford from 10th Street to 20th Street. The project included over 7,000’ of RCP drainage pipe varying from 15” up to 72” diameter. Included in this project was also over 100 drainage structures and other various existing utility relocations. The project value was $5.1 Million.

SR46, Utility Relocations

Installation of approximately 27,000ft of force main, water main and reclaim water main. Pipe sizes range from 6” up to 24” in size. We also installed approximately 1,500ft of 10” gravity sewer and manholes. After the installation of the above-mentioned pipe, 24,000ft of the original pipe was removed. The project value was $1.35 Million.

West Bay Beach Sewerage System Pipeline Installation Along Esterly Tibbets Highway

SanPik was contracted by Wharton Smith to install approximately 3,000 ft of 12″ HDPE pipe and approximately 3,000 ft of 16″ HDPE pipe using the traditional open-cut method along the Esterly Tibbets Highway on Grand Cayman for the Cayman Water Authority.  The fusion work was completed using both a McElroy Cart 412 fusion machine and a McElroy Tracstar 618 fusion machine.

Toho Water Authority, Harmony Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion (Phase 1)

We installed 6,500-foot of 4-inch DIP through 16-inch DIP for the Toho Wastewater Treatment Plant. Toho Water Authority (TWA) provides water, wastewater and reclaimed water services to approximately 182,400 customers in Kissimmee, Poinciana and unincorporated areas of Osceola County. That’s a lot, but we still know that they have a strict budget to stick to. We worked together beautifully to bring their new Harmony Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project to fruition.

Cayman Gravity Sewer Work

SanPik was contracted by Wharton Smith to install approximately 3,000 ft of 12″ HDPE pipe and approximately 3,000 ft of 16″ HDPE pipe using the traditional open-cut method along the Easterly Tibbets Highway on Grand Cayman for the Cayman Water Authority. The fusion work was completed using both a McElroy Cart 412 fusion machine and a McElroy Tracstar 618 fusion machine. This project was $686K.

St. Cloud/TWA, Reclaimed Water Main Interconnect

SanPik was responsible for the installation of 2000ft of 16” reclaimed water main, gate valves, fittings and de-watering. The project value was $33K.

City Of Ocoee, South Water Treatment Pant Re-Pipe

This project consisted of 12″ through 20″ DIP pipe for treatment plant inclusive of an Above Ground Assembly with Mag Meter & Static Mixer. We completed the construction of this project ahead of the original time frame and helped the City of Ocoee save big money that was being—literally—expelled daily through leaking, old pipes. Since then the water treatment plant has been operating under much less stress. SanPik was thanked by the Ocoee local government for a job well done and done quickly due to it being a time-sensitive project. The project value was $205K.

West Bay Beach (Cayman Islands), Sewerage System Sewer Force Main Installation

Our company headed down to the west side of Grand Cayman Island to install approximately 4,300ft of 24″ HDPE pipe for their Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project value was $644K.

City of Ocoee, Consumer Court Liftstation No. 62

We were called on to install a new sanitary 10ft diameter lift station along with two manholes and the associated gravity and force main piping in a tight dead-end corner of Consumer Ct., in the City of Ocoee. We were able to self-preform the necessary de-watering for the 30ft excavation. A 30ft by 20ft by 18ft slide rail trench box was utilized to maintain a safe work environment. We delivered the project on time, on budget, and with no change orders. The project value was $297K.

Skylark Subdivision, Drainage Improvements

This project included the installation of 18″, 48″ and 60″ reinforced concrete pipe as well as 48″ corrugated metal pipe. Other items included drainage structures, retaining wall and restoration. With years of experience in upgrading outdated subdivision drainage systems, SanPik was able to find a way to do a thorough job using top quality and environmentally stable materials. We even saved the client from exceeding their budget on this project, and some costly repairs further down the line. The project value was $62K.

Lee Vista Promenade, Sanitary Sewer Improvements

The project consisted of the 565ft long installation of 10″ and 12″ gravity sewer with 12″ and 15″ gravity sewer with a starting at a 21ft depth. The job consisted of de-watering, which we performed ourselves, and by-pass pumping in a heavy traffic area. Safety was, of course, our number one concern entering this job because we would be dealing with a lot of existing utility conflicts. And, indeed it made pulling a trench box rather challenging. Being up to the task, we thought to utilize stacking trench boxes, sheet piles, and conventional sheeting and shoring to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our entire work crew paid extra attention to the needs of the community, especially those who regularly came upon our work area on their walking and driving route. Because we waded through those complications as a team, we were able to complete the job ahead of schedule. The project value was $357K.