Sanitary sewer system installation and maintenance are critical to public and environmental safety. The SanPik team has broad experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sewer installation. We specialize in replacing or installing new sewer main lines, private sewer lateral lines, and sewer manholes. We also do deep trench installations, pipe size ranging from 2- to 18-inches and depths of 20-feet and over. Of course, public and environmental safety plays a key role in all our sewer system installations.

SanPik does not design our own sewage system, but we do work closely with civil engineers to provide value engineering input for both the public and private sectors.

SanPik caters to the maintenance needs of existing sewer lines by:
· Sewer line replacement and repair services
· Sewer pipes and cleanout installation and inspection
· Air Video or water testing
· Cleaning, flushing, and mandrell, as required
· Sewer pipelines and sewer pump installation

Residential sewer systems use septic systems to remove waste, while modern neighborhoods have complex systems that tie into municipal sewage systems. This meshing of systems makes the job more of a challenge, but one that we are always on top of with continuing education and on-the-job practice.

Commercial sewer systems are anything from a small office building to a large shopping complex, or even a theme park. That’s a pretty big range, and we know what to do in every instance because our success is deeply embedded in our knowledge gathered on previous projects, and our preparation for each upcoming job. We become deeply acquainted with each commercial sewer system before any digging is done. Our SanPik project managers create what we would call a road map of the sewer pipes, main sewer lines, and other forms of combined sewage systems to effectively carry waste to designated treatment plants. That’s how we get impeccable results every time.

Industrial sewer systems must meet stringent requirements based on local municipal, state, federal government, or EPA standards. Not only do we understand sewer systems, but we adhere to the letter of the local regulations and requirements. That goes, even when we’re working in a completely new city, state or country. When we provided Sewer Force Main Installation to West Bay Beach in the Cayman Islands, we had to learn all about their specific requirements and laws. Was SanPik up to the challenge? You bet we were!

Municipal and government sewer systems projects are the most critical to the health of our communities and environment. SanPik has years of experience in installing large-scale municipal roadway construction projects that require complex shoring for deep sewer main trenching and installation, manhole building, and sewer pump lift stations. Ask to see how we’ve kept city streets clean and functioning because of our municipal and government sewer systems.