Wastewater liftstations challenge gravity’s pull by moving wasterwater from lower to higher elevations. The typical design is complex, but includes a wastewater receiving well (called a wet-well), pumps and piping, motors, a power supply, equipment controls and alarm systems, plus odor control systems. We have put together residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal lift station systems all over the United States.

SanPik takes special pride in providing our team with our own in-house training on all of the wastewater liftstation system components. By properly installing a waste water liftstation, we can help reduce the cost of gravity feed sewer systems. Well-laid pumps allow the same sewer flow using smaller pipe lines at a shallower depth, rather than using larger and more expensive gravity fed systems that require installation at greater depths.

Safety is our number one concern when preforming these deep excavations. SanPik has many years of experience utilizing traditional trench boxes, sheeting and shoring, and slide rail systems. SanPik has worked directly with engineers to design shoring systems to accomplish deep excavations to comply with OSHA trench safety standards.